Color / Texture

Highlights $75+
Our standard highlights include the top, sides and crown. Our full highlights include top, sides, crown and back of head. Add $15 for each additional color, length and/or thickness.
Bleach and Tone $75+
Bleach and tone is designed to change virgin hair to a platinum/white color. Hair can be up to 4 inches in length and no darker than medium brown to qualify for our standard bleach and tone service.

If your hair is darker than medium brown, has been previously colored, and/or is longer than 4 inches, please call and schedule a complimentary consultation. We do this to ensure an accurate price quote and to approximate how much time the service will take to complete.
Color (Root Touchup Only)$75-$100
Our color service includes a consultation for before-and-after color education on how to keep your new color looking great.
Color Shine$50
Blonding and Toning$200+
Color and Full Highlight$205-$255
Color and Partial Highlight$150-$220
Full Highlight$135+
Creative/Corrective Color$200+
Cut and Color$120-$190
Cut and Full Highlight$140+